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Members of Congress call Social Security a problem…I say it’s the solution to the problem.

Congress would have us all believe that the only way to fix the problem of Social Security is to either raise employment taxes, reduce retirement benefits, privatize the system or some combination of the three…but don’t you believe it, they’re lying.

sss book2 About the Book

They’re lying because they don’t want you to know the truth about how they have robbed the program of its reserves and many, especially those with close ties to Wall Street are just itching to get their hands on your money. And, they’ll do it too if we don’t stop them!

So I offer you a plan, a plan that will resolve the financial problems of Social Security forever. A plan that does not require increasing employment taxes or reducing the benefits of any recipient…current or future. In fact, if implemented this plan will likely enable future employment taxes to be reduced from current levels and the benefits increased substantially.

This plan was first written in 2003 when the President George Bush was running for re-election and was calling for the privatization of the system. The plan was published in book form and offered for sale to the public to cover the costs of publishing. I was a guest on several popular radio talk shows around the country. As the plan started gaining the interest of concerned citizens, the second Gulf War broke out and the problems of Social Security disappeared from the minds of all Americans.

Well, it’s an election year again and Social Security has become one of the most important campaign issues, but not one candidate offers a viable solution to its financial problems. This issue is too important to the future of almost every American, so for that reason I have updated my plan and am making it available for FREE in an eBook format.

This plan is more than just a cure for the financial problems of Social Security, it’s a cure for the American economy! In fact, if it had been adopted in 2004 we would not be in the current economic state that we are in today!

You see, Social Security was created as part of the solution to the worst economic period in American history…The Great Depression. I find it somewhat ironic that what began as a solution is now viewed by Congress as a problem.

The biggest thing wrong with Social Security is how it is perceived by Congress. Resolving the financial problems of Social Security does not require raising taxes or reducing benefits; in fact, these actions will actually exacerbate them, not solve them. If raising taxes or reducing benefits were a solution we would not have the problems we have today, its been done many times before and the problems keep getting worse, not better.

Social Security belongs to American workers and their dependents…the beneficaries of the system. Its our money and its time we tell Congress how we want it managed!

Please download and read your FREE copy of Saving Social Security – The Commonsense Solution;encourage all your friends and family members do the same and then write your congressional representatives. Tell Washington to adopt this plan. America’s future…your future may depend on it.

There are two ways to get your copy of Saving Social Security – The Commonsense Solutionsimply complete the guest book form, or click the Donate button. While the eBook is FREE, my gift to you and all Americans, the Donate button is offered for you to make a small gift to support the cause of Saving Social Security and spreading the word about this plan. Your gift is greatly appreciated!

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